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Hotmagazine - News & Magazine WordPress Theme v2.0.2

Hotmagazine - News & Magazine WordPress Theme
Once I do that, let's take a look at some of the things that we have available to us inside of this window.Check out these little arrows that line the side over here on the left. When I hover over this first one, it says Top of the Page, drag to adjust the padding above the page. Hotmagazine - News & Magazine WordPress Theme v2.0.2 by themeforest is a comprehensive Wordpress theme for widespread use. So, basically, if you were to click on this little arrow and drag it down, you can see that you can start to add a little bit of white space at the top of the page, giving it a little bit of breathing room, so that when you stick something inside of the header for instance, it's not right up against the top of the browser window.. It will works good as a News Website, or in categories like: Fashion, Sport, Design, Games Themes, Games, Tech, Technology, Travel, Dark, Politics Magazine or Blog.

Hotmagazine - News & Magazine WordPress Theme

The reason I choose Hotmagazine - News & Magazine WordPress Theme is because I don't know how much space I need up here, not until I get in and actually start designing it. Because only then will I know how much room something needs to breathe. If it's something small, it's not gonna need as much room to breathe because your going to be able to see it pretty easily. If it's something that's large, it's going to need a lot of room to breathe, so that you can really take in exactly what it is. So, in this case, if I were to use a big chunky logo

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  1. I would probably give it a little bit more space at the top than if I were just using a small horizontal logo for instance.

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